Hello and welcome to Cross Stitch Witch! I’ve started this blog as a way to share my love of cross stitching, and to hopefully connect with more stitchy people.

So, with no further ado, let’s start this blog off with a bang!

April 5th Projects

These are my current projects. I know, it’s a lot. They’re all designed by the wonderfully talented Joan Elliott. From the top, we have Rose Fairy (a gift for my grandmama, shh), The Reader, Ladybird Fairy, Art Deco Lady, Fairy Unicorn, Sweetpea Fairy, and, finally, Fairy Godmother. People often ask me how I can work on so many projects at once, and I tell them that I like to switch between projects.

Each project is different, though they all use the same basic stitches. Some use metallic threads like Kreinik and DMC Metallics, some have beads and/or French knots, and they all have different colours. I love watching as a picture forms from my stitches. Every project starts off the same way; a blank canvas, usually white in my case, then you add a tiny splash of colour. Then some more. Eventually, you begin to see the beginnings of a shape, a dress, a hand, a face, and you get a feeling of accomplishment. You have created something from nothing. I don’t if it’s just me, but it’s an amazing feeling to have.

At the moment I am focusing on Rose Fairy, as I really want to finish her and present her to my grandmama. Her favourite flowers are roses and frangipanies. Since Joan Elliott does not (yet, here’s hoping) have a frangipani flower fairy, it made sense to start Rose Fairy for my grandmama.


Happy Stitching!



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