Rose Fairy

This is one of my projects, Rose Fairy, by the wonderfully talented cross stitch designer Joan Elliott.

March 21 Update

As you can see, she’s not quite complete yet. I still have some more flowers and leaves to cross stitch, and I need to finish off the backstitching and then I can finally add the beads and start looking for a frame. When she’s complete, she’ll be going to my grandmama as a gift.

It’s been a real joy to work on this fairy. I love the colours, and while it’s been a challenge, it hasn’t been so challenging that I wanted to give up. This is the first time I’ve used Kreinik threads, and I have to say that they are worth the cost. The threads give off a sparkle to the piece that wouldn’t be quite the same if I had of used DMC metallic threads instead. I can’t wait to add the beads and see how they bring the whole piece together.

For this piece, I chose a baby pink pink aida to work on, as I thought it would bring out the pinks of her dress and the roses without distracting from the beauty of the piece itself. One day I’d love to work on one of those beautiful dyed fabrics from Polstitches, but for now I’m happy working on solid aida.


Happy Stitching!


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