Early Birthday Presents and Craft Room Update

So, last night I bought myself another early birthday present. Spotlight sent me a really awesome voucher in the mail: ‘Spend $100 and over and get 40% off’. So of course I went straight online and bought 28 packs of precut Aida, 54cm x 50cm. That should help keep me busy for a while I think. With postage it all cost me just under $70. I could have bought it in store, except that the stores closest to me didn’t have the aida I wanted in stock. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Now to re-reorganise my stitching stash so I’ll have somewhere to store it all. 

In other news, I haven’t done much stitching since my last post, so no stitching update this time I’m afraid. But we have reorganised the craft room/study/library again, and I’m working on making an exclusive cross stitching area for myself. At the moment I work from the lounge room; that’s where the heater is and since it’s getting colder each day, it just makes sense. 

Until next time,

Happy Stitching


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