Rose Fairy Update

Okay, I know I haven’t posted a photo update in a while, so here is where I’m at with Joan Elliott’s Rose Fairy.

18th June 2017

I finally managed to source another spool of the Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid I’ve been using, so I can now finish the backstitching on the skirt and the wings. I only have a few more roses and leaves to finish cross stitching, then finish the dark backstitching, then she’ll be reading for beading and finally framing. It’s all very exciting.

Today I attended my final class at uni, so once I submit my final assignment I am free and clear. It’s bittersweet because I’m going to miss my friends and all the learning, but at the same time I’m going to have more time for my stitching. I’m hoping to have Rose Fairy finished really soon; I can’t wait to give her to my grandmama!

In other news, I couldn’t help myself and started to kit up a couple more projects, both Joan Elliott designs; Father Frost will be my first Christmas stitch, and Summer Fairy will be a lovely present for myself. Does anyone else love Joan Elliott’s designs? Please leave me a comment, I’m always happy to chat to fellow stitchers.

For now though I’m going to retire to my armchair, put on some Castle, and stitch the night away.

Happy Stitching!


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