A Small Finish Just Because

After my last post, I said that I wanted to do a small stitch, and so I did!

Meet Fizzy Moon!

This adorable character was fun to stitch, until it came time for the back stitching…I don’t usually mind back stitching, it makes your work pop and actually look like something, but all that confetti back stitch around the bear and his hat? That drove me crazy! I had to use a sharper non-tapestry needle in order to pierce the fabric, and I freely admit, I got myself plenty of times too.

I think that if this had of been a full size project and not one of the small kits from a magazine that it would been easier, but after this experience with Fizzy Moon I doubt I’ll stitch this cute little bear again, despite hubby telling me he’s adorable and to do more…

On to my next project! I know I said I’d just started Iris Fairy by Joan Elliott, but silly me went flipping through a magazine and came across this in Ultimate Cross Stitch Fantasy…

This is also by Joan Elliott (she’s my favourite designer, if you can’t tell) and is called Behind The Garden Wall. I’ve decided to put aside Iris Fairy, as I have only just started her and have barely done anything, and instead work on this. I’d love to get it completed before our baby arrives so it can hang on the nursery wall, but if not then I can just keep working on it when I can.

In the mean time, we’re set to cop a massive amount of rain here in the Yarra Valley, starting about now, so I’m off.

Until next time,

Happy stitching!


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