The Reader Update

This beautiful cross stitch was designed by the wonderfully talented Joan Elliott, one of my very favourite designers. This is one of three castle princess designs that were featured in The Ultimate Joan Elliott Cross Stitch Collection bookazine (which is unfortunately now out of print, but you can occasionally get lucky and find a copy on eBay, but they usually go for over $50 each)

17th March 2018 0340am
I am really enjoying working on this castle princess. As soon as I saw her with her book I knew I had to stitch her for myself. The colours are so vibrant and the metallic adds a magical sparkle. When she’s eventually finished I plan to hang her in our home library, surrounded by books.

17th March 2018 0340am Face Close Up
I did recently unpick all the green in the top of her dress (as you can see, the holes in the aida are a bit bigger than the unstitched parts because of this, but once I restitch the are you won’t be able to tell). I thought I had chosen the right shades from my stash but they were too similar to each other and blended together too much, and they were much to bright, didn’t fit with the rest of the colours. The new greens are much better. I did think about changing her hair colour to brunette but in the end decided to just keep her blonde.

I haven’t been able to work on her as much as I’ve been wanting to as I’m now a few days overdue with our first baby and am feeling quite uncomfortable and tired all the time. And once she arrives I’ll have even less time for myself, but I will make sure to make time for myself to sit and relax with my stitching when I can.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching everyone!


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