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Springtime Geisha

I don’t know the rest of you, but where I am, the weather is miserable. It’s cold and wet, and I love it. Perfect to sit under the heater and stitch while watching Stargate SG1. This weather is also the perfect excuse to gaze at my first ever completed piece of stitching, Springtime Geisha, by Lesley Teare.

I completed this wonderful piece back in 2015 when I first started stitching. Because she was my first piece, she’s full of mistakes, but thankfully, I seem to be only one who can spot them. I missed a couple of rows in her left kimono sleeve, and messed up the backstitching on one of her hands. At the time I was stitching this, I didn’t know how to do French knots, so I replaced them all with beads. But I think my biggest mistake was the orientation of the aida. I cut the aida to the right size, and started stitching. It was weeks before I realised that I was stitching on the fabric landscape, instead of portrait. As a result, I had maybe a centimetre of fabric at the top and bottom left to frame with…if you look at the back of the frame I chose you can tell I messed it up, but not from the front thankfully.

One day I’d like to go back and stitch this piece again, but despite all the bother, I’m really glad at how she worked out.

For those who are wondering, I got this chart in the Oriental issue of Ultimate Cross Stitch magazine, and she is also featured in the October 2014 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy.
Happy Stitching