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A Cross Stitch Christmas

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I had a long week of Christmas celebrations, starting on the 18th with preparations for dinner on the 19th, and continuing all the way through to Christmas Day. I was meant to go to a Boxing Day celebration, but I was just too tired. Being pregnant really takes it out of me. But, only 11 weeks to go.

What with all the Christmas celebrations, it’s been hard to find time to stitch. I’m hoping to get some done today. In the meantime, here’s a photo of me and my grandmama with the Rose Fairy I finally finished and framed for her.

Completed with Mama

My grandmama and me with the Rose Fairy I completed for her

Needless to say, my grandmama was very pleased with her present. I started this beautiful project last August, with plans to have her finished for my grandmama’s birthday in October. I severally overestimated my skills lol and tried for that Christmas instead, but still could not get her finished. The next goal was more realistic, have her ready for my grandmama’s birthday this year, but that was also an unreachable goal. I almost managed it, but not quite. I did get her finished before this Christmas, and it was so hard not to gift her early, but I wanted to save her for Christmas, and I did. My grandmama is so pleased with her present, and says that she’s going to hang it in a place of honour.

My current projects are both also Joan Elliott designs. I’ve been working on The Reader, also known as Castle Princess, which I’d love to hang in our bedroom/library, and Fairies in the Garden, which will hopefully be finished in time to hang in the nursery before our little baby girl arrives. But if not, I can always hang it later.

December 27

My current projects. Above, The Reader. Below, Fairies in the Garden.

While I have another three scroll frames, these are the two that I use. One of the frames was my great grandmother’s, and it’s all split and broken, but it means a lot to me knowing that we shared this craft in common. Another was made for me by my wonderful hubby, but it needs better material or even velcro to attach projects to. Denim just isn’t strong enough. And the third I bought at an op-shop and haven’t had an opportunity to use yet.

I think I’ll leave it here for now, hopefully I’ll be posting again soon with more stitchy updates. Please let me know what y’all are working on, I love to see other people’s stitching.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!


A Finish! Rose Fairy is Complete!

So, it’s been a long while since my last post. I apologise for that. Being pregnant has really taken a swing at me. The morning sickness is gone, and heart burn has taken its place. But I can now feel our little bundle of joy kicking away inside me. I’m 25 weeks today and it’s just amazing.

On to the stitching, which is why we’re all here, isn’t it?

Rose Fairy, by the wonderfully talented Joan Elliott, is finally complete!

Here she is, completed and spread out on the floor so that we can see just how close to the edge of the fabric I came…hopefully there’s enough left over for framing. I hope to find that out today at the framers.

And here is what she will hopefully look like when framed. No fabric edges.

Here’s some close up details of the beading. I’m still trying to sort my beads back into their respective baggies. Should never have mixed them up…oh well. Live and learn. You can also see some of the Kreinik detailing here, the shiny pink thread. I was meant to use Cat’s Eye, but I couldn’t source that one so instead I opted for Rose Quartz, which in my opinion worked better.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I used plain baby pink Aida to stitch her on. I wanted the stitching itself to pop, not the background. One day I would love to try out one of those beautiful hand dyed fabrics, but for now I’m happy enough with plain Aidas.

As for my next project, well, I’m working on a few more of Joan’s designs. I’m making great progress with The Reader, and just started Iris Fairy, which will also be a gift when eventually completed. But for now, I think I need some little projects to work on. I like the feeling of completing a project, and I have quite a few small free kits from magazines stashed away. Maybe I’ll send some out as Christmas presents if I get them completed in time.

I’d love to know what you’re all working on if you have time to drop me a message or comment.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!

Rose Fairy, Nearly Finished

I had to move my frame a bit, so I figured why not take a photo? So here she is, Rose, in all her glory.

Since my last update I’ve done more cross stitching and some more backstitching. This photo isn’t the best, but it shows her off pretty well I think..

I just finished another thread colour off, so goodbye DMC 470! It was a pleasure stitching with you. I think that I’ll finish off the Kreinik thread now; I just love that sparkle!

With the end in sight, I’m already thinking about what to stitch next. I know I have a few projects on the go, so I’ll continue with one or more of those. Probably The Reader, I’d love to have her done next. 
Happy Stitching!

Rose Fairy Update

Okay, I know I haven’t posted a photo update in a while, so here is where I’m at with Joan Elliott’s Rose Fairy.

18th June 2017

I finally managed to source another spool of the Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid I’ve been using, so I can now finish the backstitching on the skirt and the wings. I only have a few more roses and leaves to finish cross stitching, then finish the dark backstitching, then she’ll be reading for beading and finally framing. It’s all very exciting.

Today I attended my final class at uni, so once I submit my final assignment I am free and clear. It’s bittersweet because I’m going to miss my friends and all the learning, but at the same time I’m going to have more time for my stitching. I’m hoping to have Rose Fairy finished really soon; I can’t wait to give her to my grandmama!

In other news, I couldn’t help myself and started to kit up a couple more projects, both Joan Elliott designs; Father Frost will be my first Christmas stitch, and Summer Fairy will be a lovely present for myself. Does anyone else love Joan Elliott’s designs? Please leave me a comment, I’m always happy to chat to fellow stitchers.

For now though I’m going to retire to my armchair, put on some Castle, and stitch the night away.

Happy Stitching!

Rose Fairy

This is one of my projects, Rose Fairy, by the wonderfully talented cross stitch designer Joan Elliott.

March 21 Update

As you can see, she’s not quite complete yet. I still have some more flowers and leaves to cross stitch, and I need to finish off the backstitching and then I can finally add the beads and start looking for a frame. When she’s complete, she’ll be going to my grandmama as a gift.

It’s been a real joy to work on this fairy. I love the colours, and while it’s been a challenge, it hasn’t been so challenging that I wanted to give up. This is the first time I’ve used Kreinik threads, and I have to say that they are worth the cost. The threads give off a sparkle to the piece that wouldn’t be quite the same if I had of used DMC metallic threads instead. I can’t wait to add the beads and see how they bring the whole piece together.

For this piece, I chose a baby pink pink aida to work on, as I thought it would bring out the pinks of her dress and the roses without distracting from the beauty of the piece itself. One day I’d love to work on one of those beautiful dyed fabrics from Polstitches, but for now I’m happy working on solid aida.


Happy Stitching!


Hello and welcome to Cross Stitch Witch! I’ve started this blog as a way to share my love of cross stitching, and to hopefully connect with more stitchy people.

So, with no further ado, let’s start this blog off with a bang!

April 5th Projects

These are my current projects. I know, it’s a lot. They’re all designed by the wonderfully talented Joan Elliott. From the top, we have Rose Fairy (a gift for my grandmama, shh), The Reader, Ladybird Fairy, Art Deco Lady, Fairy Unicorn, Sweetpea Fairy, and, finally, Fairy Godmother. People often ask me how I can work on so many projects at once, and I tell them that I like to switch between projects.

Each project is different, though they all use the same basic stitches. Some use metallic threads like Kreinik and DMC Metallics, some have beads and/or French knots, and they all have different colours. I love watching as a picture forms from my stitches. Every project starts off the same way; a blank canvas, usually white in my case, then you add a tiny splash of colour. Then some more. Eventually, you begin to see the beginnings of a shape, a dress, a hand, a face, and you get a feeling of accomplishment. You have created something from nothing. I don’t if it’s just me, but it’s an amazing feeling to have.

At the moment I am focusing on Rose Fairy, as I really want to finish her and present her to my grandmama. Her favourite flowers are roses and frangipanies. Since Joan Elliott does not (yet, here’s hoping) have a frangipani flower fairy, it made sense to start Rose Fairy for my grandmama.


Happy Stitching!